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#trainerquicktip Delicious DIY Dog Treat

Show us your homemade treats/ recipes! Email us your recipe to and it may be featured in our newsletter!

#trainerquicktip Secrets To Having A Well-Behaved Dog

Dog training is full of differing opinions, myths, and old wives tales. With so much conflicting information, how do you know what theory is the best for training your dog?

#trainerquicktip STOP Jumping On Me! Practice, Consistency, Repetition Are Key To Dog Training!

Does your dog jump on you when you get home or other people? Join us for our #trainerquicktip with Shannon Riley-Coyner to help you learn how to teach your dog to not jump on you.

For more information, watch our video blog “Jumping Up” here:

#trainerquicktip A High Energy Greeting Can Be A Sign of Anxiety

Does your dog get overly excited when they see you? Are they destroying things or urinating/ defecating in the home while you are away? This can actually be a sign of anxiety.

#trainerquicktip Teach Your Dog “Drop It”

Do you ever throw the ball for your dog, they bring it back but they don’t drop it? View the #trainerquicktip for tips on how to teach your dog to “drop it”.

#trainerquicktip How To Stop Your Dog From Counter Surfing 

Does your dog commonly try to take food off of your kitchen counter or dining room table? Here are some tips to prevent counter surfing from happening.

Block Access To Kitchen:

Dog Gate

Food Dispensing Toys:

RedBarn Food Log (Lamb)


Kong Wobbler

Kibble Nibble Ball

Buster Food Cube

#trainerquicktip Importance of Teaching Your Dog Hand Signals with Verbal Cues

Do you have a dog who is hard of hearing? In this weeks #trainerquicktip Shannon Riley-Coyner discusses why it is important to meet your dog where they are and teach your dog both hand signals and verbal cues!

#trainerquicktip Steps To Introduce Your Dog To The Dog Walker

Not only is finding a dog walker a great step towards physical and mental stimulation for your dog, it can also be a great option if you work all day or physically just aren’t able to walk your dog anymore due to health reasons. Follow these steps to introduce your dog to the dog walker.

#trainerquicktip How To Stuff A Kong 

Join us for our #trainerquicktip! ASPCA has some fun enrichment recipe’s for stuffing a yummy kong!

Try Nutty Monkey ⬇

Frozen Bananas

Xylitol-free Peanut Butter

Xylitol-free Plain Yogurt

A Hollow Chew Toy – you can find the Kong here (

#trainerquicktip Why You Should Avoid Board & Train

Years ago, I used to offer board and train, but, what i found was that it would not transfer to the owner. View this #trainerquicktip to understand why building the bond with your dog is important during training.

#trainerquicktip Debunking The Alpha Dominance Theory

When a dog is resisting known commands, traditional trainers often tell their clients that the dog is challenging their dominance in the relationship and that the dog needs more disipline.

Here’s why positive reinforcement force free training is a more humane way to teach our animals.

#trainerquicktip Puppy Pickle

Teach your dog to come (known as recall) with puppy pickle! great for mental stimulation + physical excercise.

#trainerquicktip Teach Your Dog To Sit-Down-Spin

Use clicker training and a high value treat to teach your dog “Down-Sit-Spin”!

Tools You’ll Need:

High Value Treat

#trainerquicktip Helping Your Dog With Weather Changes

Does your dog having problems going to the bathroom due to various weather conditions such as snow, rain or extreme heat? Check out ways to help your dog with weather changes

#trainerquicktip At-Home Agility Series

Tis’ summertime and you’re looking for something fun to do with your dog! Join us as we show you how to improve your agility skills or just to have fun with your dog at home.

For the full series please click here:

#trainerquicktip Your Dog Is Not Bad, They Are Just Scared!

Do you commonly use the phrase “bad dog”? View this #trainerquicktip to understand why they might not be “bad” but just “fearful”!

#trainerquicktip Clicker Training Bucky, The Goat!

You CAN clicker train any animal including a goat with positive reinforcement! This #trainerquicktip is in remembrance of Bucky, the goat, who has crossed over the rainbow bridge.

#trainerquicktip Prepare Your Pet For July 4th!

Is your pet afraid of the fireworks during Independence Day? Here are some steps to take to prepare your animal and lessen their anxiety.

suggested tools:

Proper anti-anxiety medication prescribed by your veterinarian (NO Acepromazine or Benadryl)



Adaptil Pheromones’ spray or collar

Through A Dogs Ear (calming music)


Young Living Essential Oils such as T-Away, Stress Away, Lavender or Chamomile

#trainerquicktip Backyard Fun! Keeping Your Dog Entertained

This will help teach your dog independence and confidence while building problem solving skills!

Some tools you’ll need to get started:

High Value Treat (Redbarn)

Pool (dog friendly)

Food Kong

Puzzle Toys

Agility Tunnel or Box
Bosu Ball
2 Towels

#trainerquicktip Teaching Your Dog To Walk Nicely On Leash

Walking your dog on leash can sometimes be a challenge! Follow these helpful tips so your dog can walk nicely while on leash.

Tools used during training Include:

No Pull Freedom Harness

Box Clicker

Cream Cheese Packets (Available at your local grocery store)

#trainerquicktip Choosing The Right Dog For Your Family

Are you looking for a new dog or puppy? Prevent behavior problems by choosing the right dog for your family!

#trainerquicktip Jump Around The Clock

Lets have some agility fun at home with this “Jump Around the Clock” game! This will help your dog learn how to go over agility jumps at different angles.

#trainerquicktip Introducing Your Dog to a Harness & Muzzle

Reduce fear and desensitize your dog to a muzzle and/ or harness before taking them to the veterinarian or groomers (which can be quite scary)!

#trainerquicktip Help to Steer Your Dog and Redirect Their Attention w/ The No Pull Harness

Why Shannon recommends the 2HoundsDesign Freedom No Pull Harness – this Patented design reduces twisting, straining, and pulling, providing a more enjoyable experience for you and your dog. It also improves communication and training while out for a walk, and helps to redirect your dog’s attention. Check out the harness here:

#trainerquicktip Holistic Ways To Help Your Anxious Dog

Help alleviate your pets anxiety and support feelings of comfort with these tips! Check out these recommended products here:

Young Living T-Away 


#trainerquicktip Lyme Disease Awareness – Tick Prevention For Your Pet

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month! Tick exposure can be dangerous to your pet so the first step is prevention! Join Shannon Riley-Coyner, Registered Veterinary technician, Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant, as she provides helpful tips on how what you can do to keep your pet safe!

#trainerquicktip Desensitize Your Dog To Loud Sounds (In preparation for Independence Day)

It’s almost time to celebrate Independence Day and with the holiday comes those loud fireworks that may frighten your dog! This month’s Dog New Year Resolution will be in preparation to “desensitize your dog to loud sounds”. Submit your short video to!

#trainerquicktip Using Medication To Decrease Your Pets Stress

Just like humans, your pet may need medication to help deal with their anxiety and/ or stress. Join Shannon Riley-Coyner, Registered Veterinary Technician, Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant as she discusses why medication may be helpful for your pet.

#trainerquicktip Essential Oils For Your Dog

Join Shannon Riley-Coyner, Animal Trainer & Animal Behavior Consultant, as she discusses the benefits of using Young Living Essential Oils for your pet!

#trainerquicktip Playing The Name Game With Your Dog

This exercise teaches your dog to take responsibility for maintaining contact with you when outdoors or separated, the dog should “check-in” frequently for possible new cues or when in doubt or stressed.

#trainerquicktip Dog Smart Game Understanding Body Language with The Whole Family

The Dog Smart Card Game promotes dog safety, critical thinking skills and basic math through dog body language. When we understand what a dog is trying to tell us, we can make smarter decisions about interacting with that dog. Dog Smart focuses on core areas of a dog’s body. Color-coded pictures that alert players to whether or not a dog is safe to approach. Learning to “talk dog” and respond appropriately reduces the chances of being bitten or hurt by a dog. Check it out here:

#trainerquicktip How To Desensitize Your Dog To Foot Touch

Join Shannon Riley-Coyner, Animal Trainer and Behavior Consultant for Truly Force Free Animal Training’s #trainerquicktip!

Reasons YOU SHOULD desensitize your dog to foot touch:

  • Trim Nails with ease
  • Remove Foxtails or foreign substances
  • Wrap Wounds
  • Visits to the veterinarian (blood draws etc.)

#trainerquicktip Help Your Dog Overcome Fear At The Veterinarian

Join Shannon Riley-Coyner, Animal Trainer & Behavior Consultant for Truly Force Free Animal Training’s #trainerquicktip! Make Vet visits a fun and enjoyable experience with these tips

#trainerquicktip Separation Anxiety Due to Pet Parents Going Back To Work

Join Shannon Riley-Coyner, Registered Veterinary Technician, Certified Professional Dog Trainer & Behavior Consultant, as she discusses;

  • The common signs of separation anxiety your dog may be experiencing after covid-19
  • And what YOU CAN DO to help your pet