“I adopted a mixed breed who is mostly Australian Cattle Dog a year and a half ago. When I first got her I had a difficult time just getting a harness or collar on her. My vet recommended I contact Shannon for help. I did and she gave me many tips that helped me get her calm enough to perform simple tasks. When I went to the workshop she laid out so many different things to do to help with the behaviors my special little friend was exhibiting. Ziva I am sure was abused as she was so hand shy. I made a pledge to her when I adopted her she had a forever home. She is in agility training with Shannon now and she absolutely loves it. She and I have a long way to go still, but with the tips on training that I have gotten from Shannon that I work on every day my little gal pal is learning slowly but surely that she does not need to react so quickly and aggressively. I love the force free approach as it is making both of us much calmer. My Ziva is starting to realize that she is my forever gal pal, that has found a permanent home. Thanks Shannon for helping to fill my life with purpose and joy in training this amazing working dog who just needs a job.”