“I was fortunate to start working with Shannon when I adopted Gibson, my then 3 year old street dog. He is Australian Sheppard. He is a very sweet dog, and, of course, very attached to me, but he was a handful when he came to live with us. He had been on the street and had been mistreated to some extent and had fears of things we could never know about.

Shannon’s kind and firm way with him was so effective and she was able to teach me the ways to bring out his best behavior. Her humane and gentle approach to training was evident from the beginning. Gibson was so responsive and happy to do whatever she asked of him. I didn’t take long from him to be a good companion on the leash and respond to commands while off the leash.

We attended one of the agility classes that Shannon taught. It too was a good and positive experience for both of us. Shannon’s control of a class with 10+ dogs and owners all doing agility for the 1st time was amazing. She knew the dogs’ names and was able to personalize the training for each of them on a weekly basis by watching their movements and behaviors. Her years of experience, personal success with her own dogs in agility competition, and love of what she does were evident at all times.

Shannon has also made home visits and met me at the park to work on specific issues that Gibson was having. She writes extensive visit summaries with detailed plans for things to work on and ways to achieve the goals that were set.

Shannon is a wonderful and kind and enthusiastic dog (and owner) trainer. She gets the highest kudos from me and I recommend her whenever possible.”