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Canine Separation Anxiety Quiz

Animals can’t speak our verbal language, but they give us tons of information using body language. However, we humans have varying skill levels in understanding what our critter friends are saying.

Everything a dog thinks and feels is spelled out clearly in how it holds its body, tail, ears, eyes and even the corners of its mouth.

So, how fluent are you in critter-speak? Take the quiz and share your results on Facebook to find out!

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What is Separation Anxiety?

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Scratching can be a sign of stress

3 / 10

Is this dog stressed or relaxed?

4 / 10

This dog may have experienced stress/ fear

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Mark all that apply: What are signs of separation anxiety?

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Howling and barking is NOT a sign of separation anxiety

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Is urination and defecation a sign of Separation Anxiety?

8 / 10

Is this a sign of separation anxiety?

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A “tongue flick” can be a sign of anxiety.

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Yawning can be a sign of stress.

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