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Potty Pads and Puppy Training

Be Clear About Your Puppy Potty Training Goal If your goal is for your puppy to potty outside, it is important to teach this from the very start. While they may be convenient, training pads can be a crutch and you may have to go back to the basics of training. Staying Inside If you are using potty pads and want to continue to use them for your dog's entire life, make sure to always put the potty pad in the same place in your home. If you DON’T want to use potty pads for your pet's lifetime, discontinue using them immediately as it can cause confusion on whether they should urinate or defecate inside or outside. Pick up any bathmats, rugs, towels, etc. and thoroughly clean anything the puppy may have urinated on (including bare floors) as your puppy may try to urinate wherever they smell urine. Training to Go Potty Outdoors  Supervise them! You can tether them to you while you walk around your home doing daily chores. If they’re out of their confinement space, you should always have eyes on them to prevent them from having an accident. Confine your puppy in a crate or x-pin if you are [...]

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How Can I Teach My Dog To Play Correctly?

There are many reasons your puppy may not be playing correctly. Let's take a closer look! Signs your puppy isn’t playing correctly Playing too rough: I am often asked, “When is play too rough?” This can be tricky because some dogs like to wrestle and others like to chase. One tip that works with wrestlers or chasers is to make sure both dogs are enjoying “the game” - it MUST be reciprocal. If dogs are wrestling and one dog is always “on top”, I will separate the dogs. If the “bottom dog” comes back and wants to reengage, then, the play was likely mutual so I will allow the dogs to resume play. If dogs are chasing, I will stop the “chaser” dog and if the “chasee” comes back, they can resume play. If the “bottom dog” or “chasee” retreat, I know the play was not mutual. Try This! If your dogs are playing but you are not sure if it is appropriate, try catching the chaser and watch their body language. If they display a relieved look on their face, this may mean play is NOT reciprocal. If the chasee looks back like, "hey, keep chasing me" then IT [...]

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