Should I Brush My Dog’s Teeth?

For most people, we brush our teeth twice a day for good dental health. However, we don’t consider our dogs teeth, yet we often complain about them having “dog breath”. If we want our dogs to have “fresh breath”, we need to take care of their teeth like we take care of our own. Teach Your Dog to Have His Teeth Brushed The best dental health for our dogs is to brush their teeth daily. To teach your dog to have his teeth brushed, you need to go slow and be patient. Here are the steps to take to teach your dog to tolerate their teeth being brushed. Items needed: Peanut butter (if needed) Pet toothpaste (any flavor they may like) Finger toothbrush Soft child toothbrush How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth Steps: If your dog is at all unsure of you handling his mouth, put a small amount of toothpaste on your finger and rub onto teeth and gums. If you dog is VERY unsure, spend a few sessions just having him lick the peanut butter off your finger, then move to rubbing it on his gums. Once your dog is comfortable with you rubbing his teeth and gums, [...]