Is A Puppy Right For Your Family

Is a Puppy Right For Your Family? I am the first to admit that a cute, roly-poly puppy is almost impossible to resist! When those cute eyes stare up at you and you are bathed in kisses that have the wonderful aroma of puppy breath, who can say no? Unfortunately, too many people say yes to a puppy with their heart but don’t think about what the decision really involves. Puppies are hard work! They are equal to having a newborn baby the first few months you have them. Just like with human babies, some are easy, and others are beyond challenging. As a puppy goes from newborn to an adult in 12-24 months, it can be compared to a child growing from birth to 18 years old! This reality cannot be taken lightly. Because they develop so quickly, the first 6 months are very important. An un-socialized puppy is destined to have behavioral issues as an adult. Factors to Consider Before Getting a Puppy It is important to carefully think about getting a new pet; it should not be an impulsive decision. Lifestyle - The first thing to consider is your lifestyle. If your life is already chaotic [...]