Ticks and Your Pets

We are officially in “tick season” and from what I hear, it is worse than ever!  Whether you are walking in your neighborhood or on a hike, your pet is at risk of getting bitten by a tick.  The longer a tick stays embedded in your pet’s body, the higher chance that the tick will spread a disease.  Make sure that you do a thorough “tick check” every time you come home from a hike or walk.  Ticks can carry very serious diseases such as Lyme, Babesia, Erlichia, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and more! Prevent Tick Bites Prevention is a great way to protect your pet from getting a tick bite in the first place.  Because ticks can be very difficult to kill and repel, many experts recommend that you use double prevention during tick season.  A great way to protect your dog is to use a tick collar that repels the ticks in addition to using a topical that repels and kills the tick (if they get through the repellent.)  The double protection really helps prevent the ticks from attaching to your dog. For other pets, like cats, you must make sure that the tick prevention is safe.  [...]