Is Cesar Millan in the Legal “Red Zone?”

Cesar administering an "alpha role" on Simon As many of you know, Cesar Millan is currently being investigated.  According to the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies and Animal Control Officers paid a visit to Cesar’s Santa Clarita animal training facility in the evening of March 10, 2016 to investigate a report of animal cruelty.  The visit was in response to animal cruelty complaints related to an episode of Cesar 911.  The full episode (Cesar 911 Season 3, Episode 2) was posted by Cesar 911, and is available online on YouTube. The dog in question, Simon a French Bulldog, Boston Terrier mix, was brought to Cesar because of aggression issues. Based on the YouTube video, it appears that Cesar is likely guilty of animal abuse based on his grossly negligent conduct in permitting Simon to attack multiple animals during training.  This included an attack that severely injured a pig.  Whether or not the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office will prosecute may be a political matter, but Simon’s aggressive nature and Cesar’s willingness to put pigs and other dogs in danger in order to make good television is obvious.  Cesar’s training techniques which do not follow those [...]