Positive Reinforcement Training & Fear of Clickers

Positive Reinforcement Training & Fear of Clickers When you first begin positive reinforcement training using a clicker, you may find that your dog is startled by the sound. This is normal - this isn't a sound they hear often, and certainly not so close to them. This will pass quickly once they begin to associate the sound with the reward they immediately receive. If Your Dog Doesn't Respond Well to a Clicker There could be a few reasons why your dog does not readily respond to clicker training. First and foremost - ALWAYS pair the click with a high value treat or something rewarding to your dog (such as a toy). Change the Sound If your dog is sound sensitive, there are a variety of clickers to choose from! look for a clicker that's more "quiet." If this is still too loud, you can try clicking while the clicker is in your pocket to muffle the noise. Use a Verbal Cue Instead of a Clicker Use a verbal cue such as "good" or "yes" (instead of the click) with a reward of a high value treat or your dog’s favorite toy. Do you want more information on how to desensitize [...]