5 Recommendations For Training a New Pet

Training Your Dog

5 Recommendations For Training Your New Dog

Starting off your relationship correctly can make all the difference in the satisfaction both of you have going forward. It shouldn’t be rushed or forced as it sets the tone for all future interactions.

Patience is Key:

You are building a new relationship and you both need time to build trust


Being consistent will help your puppy or dog understand your expectations faster.


Paying attention is important to help prevent your dog or puppy from making mistakes.

Be Kind:

Training takes time and mistakes will happen, but it will go much smoother when you have empathy and compassion. 

Find Something That Motivates Your Dog:

All dogs like rewards but not all dogs like the same treats, toys or games – recognize your dog’s preferences.

Product Recommendations

These products, such as some of these food dispensing toys, can help make the training process easier, and more fun for your dog!


Freedom No-Pull Harness


Kong Wobbler

Kibble Nibble Ball

Buster Food Cube

For more information on the different theories of dog training and how to train your dog without pain or fear using positive reinforcement/ reward based methods, check out The Evolution of Dog Training, by Shannon Riley-Coyner on Amazon.