Program Description:
Kittens and puppies can be put on mandatory confinement during the socialization period due to surgery, injury or other medical issues. When these patients are confined during the socialization period, they can experience a negative impact with socialization and can suffer from behavioral problems later in life. This program will show techniques that will keep the patient safe and mentally stimulated.

Program Agenda:
– Creating calm while confined
– The right crate or confinement
– Therapies
– Medication
– Mental stimulation with food toys
– Combine training with physical therapy
– Introducing novel objects and sounds, people and dogs while confined
– Introducing new environments while confined

Learning objectives:
– Attendees will learn techniques to help keep confined animals calm
– They will learn how to provide mental and physical exercise to patients that require confinements
– They will also learn ways to help puppies and kittens socialize while confined.


Shannon Riley-Coyner, RVT, CPDT-KA, KPA CTP

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