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Did you just start your journey with a rescue dog? We realize getting a rescue dog can come with a lot of​patience, care​ and understanding.

With The Rescue Dog Training Webinar + Course Bundle you won’t have to leave your home to start training!​ You will learn the basics of how animals learn, how to understand and read canine body language and how you can help your reactive dog which a lot of times is due to fear and/ or stress.

After you have a full understanding of your rescue dog, you can start training your dog to have good manners and start creating the everlasting bond between pet parent and and our furry companion.

What’s Included?

Understanding Canine Body Language Webinar ($25 Value) Our canine companions cannot speak but that does not mean they cannot communicate with us. Dogs use body language to tell us if they are relaxed, stressed, afraid or upset. Learn what signs to look for in different regions of your dog’s body so you can support your animal’s feelings. Learn how to use body language during training to understand how different training techniques impact how our pets feel. This 1.5 hour webinar was designed for anyone who loves dogs! Whether you are a veterinarian, a veterinary technician, groomer, a dog parent or just a dog lover, this class will help you understand dog language better!

Understanding & Helping Your Reactive Dog Webinar ($25 Value) Find out why your dog whines, barks or lunges at other animals or people and learn ways to help him or her become less reactive. Is your dog really aggressive or scared? This webinar discusses the underlying issues that cause our dogs to act out and how we can identify them. The webinar focuses on what we can do to make life easier for our dogs and ourselves when dealing with these issues. This 1.5 hour webinar was designed for anyone who has a dog that barks, lunges or acts out when taking them to new places or when meeting new people or dogs.

How Animals Learn Webinar ($25 Value)
This webinar teaches the basics of dog learning behavior. Do you know why your dog runs to the door and barks at the mailman? Does your dog beg when you eat dinner? Learn how we can use basic theories of dog behavior to teach your dog new things. Also learn why dogs learn these common misbehaviors and how to change them. This 1.5 hour webinar was designed for anyone who loves dogs! Whether you are a veterinarian, a veterinary technician, groomer, a dog parent or just a dog lover this class will help your dog learn faster!

Online Course: Adult Dog Good Manners Training ($125 Value)
Teach your dog good manners! This course teaches you how to teach your dog common basic behaviors. The behaviors that are introduced are Clicker Mechanics, Eye Contact, Sit, Recall, Down, Sit-Stay, Leave It, Down-Stay, Loose Leash Walking, Safe Greetings, Healthy Exercise, Examining Your Dog. Appropriate for dogs 6 months or older in age.

If you live in the Ventura, CA area, completion of this course allows you to enroll in Good Manners 2A at Ventura Pet Wellness & Dog Training Center (

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