Feliway Classic Calming Spray for Cats is a su-purr way to support your furbaby, whether you’re home or traveling. This spray mimics a mother’s pheromones to help your furbaby feel comfy and secure, and it may help to reduce signs of stress. At home, spray it on doors, sills and other prominent areas that your kitty often marks or scratches. On the go, spray it in your kitty’s carrier. The spray may make vet visits, travel, new environments and loud noises less stressful for your cat.

  • Provide targeted, calming support to your cat.
  • Drug-free solution helps to reduce signs of stress in cats, like scratching and urine spraying.
  • Mimics a mother’s pheromones to promote a natural sense of calmness.
  • May help to make vet visits, new environments and travel less stressful.
  • Use directly on areas at home that your cat marks, or use it in your cat’s carrier while on the go.

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