• The Foundation Behavior Course is designed so you can train your dog basic behaviors from your home when it is convenient for you! In this course you will learn how to teach your dog to sit, down, stay, come, the beginning of heel and more. Shannon will teach you how to train these basic behaviors using positive, force free training techniques.
  • Having a reactive dog can be frustrating, overwhelming and in some cases it can be scary!  Shannon has helped thousands of reactive dogs and their people by teaching the people that this is commonly caused by fear.  This program is a replica of what she does during a private one on one session.  If you have a reactive dog, this course will help you understand why the behaviors are happening and how you can help without having to leave your home (which can be difficult with a dog that is reactive).
  • The Evolution of Dog Training Book Club

    Are you a pet lover or pet professional and are interested in dog training but just can't figure out which method is right for you and your pet? Join our Book Club as author, Shannon Riley-Coyner, discusses each chapter of her book "The Evolution of Dog Training" (this is a pre-recorded series of 10 videos).  You are just one click away and don't even have to leave your house to join! Grab your copy of her book today on Amazon or Barnes & Noble (audio book coming soon!) to have on hand as you watch each video. The Evolution of Dog Training details how to teach your dog, one step at a time, without causing your dog pain or fear. It carefully explains how training with choke chains started and why trainers are now using clickers instead. You'll also learn what current research and scientific studies tell us about how dogs learn, making it easier to a turn your beloved pet into a well-behaved dog. Whether you have been training dogs for decades or this is your very first time, this book will help you sort through all of the opinions so you can train effectively and humanely. Become a Truly Force Free Site Member before buying this product and get access for FREE! Click here to purchase a Site Membership.
  • Truly Force Free's online Ultimate Puppy Kindergarten is designed for puppies 8-18 weeks on age. View the class and practice at your convenience! A great way to get your puppy to begin learning basic obedience using positive reinforcement and give you ideas of how to successfully socialize your puppy.
  • Do you have problems with pet behavior such as aggression, anxiety or fear? Maybe you want to know how you can better communicate with your pet. Shannon offers virtual private training sessions to help you with these issues and much more! Each session is 1 hour by phone or Zoom. Purchase a Virtual Private Training appointment and we’ll be contacting you shortly to schedule your training session.


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