How do I prepare my dog for a new baby?

Preparing your dog for your baby may vary slightly as each dog is different but there are steps you should take with all dogs. Start about a month before the anticipated birth.

Before Baby Comes:

      • Your dog may be wondering what all of this new stuff is! Set up the nursery before baby comes so your dog can go into the room and sniff around.
      • Put the car seat in the living room and keep it there for a couple of weeks.

Getting used to sounds:

  • Find a YouTube recording of a crying baby and play it for you dog so they can get used to this unfamiliar sound.

Baby Arrives!

  • Before bringing baby home, you can take a baby blanket home for your dog to sniff so they can get used to the unfamiliar smell of your new family member.
  • Gradually introduce baby to your dog. DO NOT shove your baby’s face towards the dog’s face as this could cause more anxiety. Simply hold baby on couch and let your dog slowly approach.

If your dog does not have training we recommend taking the Truly Force Free Animal Training Good Manners Course to create a way to communicate with your dog.