Truly Force Free Positive Puppy Podcast

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The Positive Puppy Podcast is all about setting your puppy up for success using positive reinforcement!

In this podcast, host Shannon Riley and guests discuss common puppy questions from before picking up puppy to the importance of creating a routine and more! Join us each month as Shannon Riley answers puppy questions!

Episode 1: Before You Get A Puppy

Topics Covered:

  1. Genetics
  2. Finding the right puppy that is right for you and your personality
  3. Scooters Story – Anxious since utero
  4. The reputable breeder
  5. Are contracts important?
  6. Putting down a deposit
  7. Picking up puppy – drive or fly?
  8. Picking up puppy kit
Episode 2: Routine For Puppy

Topics Covered:

  1. Wire Crates VS. Plastic Crates
  2. Why using a crate for puppy training is important (confinement, supervision, potty training, sleep to prevent biting
  3. Create a daily schedule to build structure
  4. Food Toys

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Episode 3: Food and Treats

Topics Covered:

  1. What food is right for my puppy?
  2. How do you transition to a new food?
  3. How to do you introduce new foods?
  4. What are some poison foods?
  5. What’s a food toy and why we should be using them
  6. What’s the deal with rawhides? What’s okay to chew on?
Episode 4: Common Puppy Problems

Topics Covered:

  1. How do you set a schedule for your puppy?
  2. What do I do if my dog is whining in the crate?
  3. What is a good crate cover (Wire Crate + Plastic Crate)
  4. What is an “Alpha Roll” and how do I know if I’m accidently doing it?
  5. Tug-A-War: To play or not to play?
  6. Socks! Can my puppy tell the difference between using a sock as a toy and pet parents clothing?
  7. Don’t play with your hands!
  8. Why is my puppy humping?
  9. How do I stop my puppy from eating the nonpoisonous plants in my backyard?
  10. Puppy nails; how can I get my puppy used to getting their nails trimmed?
  11. What’s the #1 mistake you see with puppies?
  12. What is the socialization period?
Episode 5: All about Teething!

Topics Covered:

  1. Talk me through the whole Teething process. When do teeth come in? How? What does it feel like? When does it stop?
  2. Teething vs biting? “He’s just a baby”
  3. When is it OK to chew?
  4. Being careful with strangers and kids?
  5. Biting my pants! How to avoid and redirect
  6. When he’s decided I’m the toy, how do I get him out of the habit?
  7. He always has acceptable chews. Do dogs get used to chews? How do I keep things novel while still having things always available for him?
  8. Should I hold his mouth closed when he is mouthy?
Episode 6: Common Puppy Questions (Bringing Your Puppy Back to Calm + Nail Trimming)

Topics Covered:

  1. Should I be exhausting my puppy?
  2. How can I get my puppy to settle down (especially in the evening)?
  3. When can my dog start sleeping with me in my bed and not the crate?
  4. What’s a scratch pad and why should I get one?
  5. How can I get my puppy used to getting their nails trimmed?
  6. What is the first thing I should teach my puppy?
  7. What are some common puppy questions you get in your Positive Puppy Kindergarten Class?
Episode 7: From Surviving To Thriving - It's Not Bribing, It's Teaching!

Topics Covered:

  1. Rewarding behavior vs causing an unwanted chain
  2. Luring to the kennel
  3. Moving too fast, don’t go from kindergarten to college
  4. Desensitized to rawhide?
  5. Slowing down our mornings
  6. What are common signs of confusion?
  7. How do I stop him from putting his paws on the counter?
  8. Why should I have treats around the house?

Episode 8: Dogs Have Feelings & Emotions!

Topics Covered:

  1. What is counter surfing? How do I stop my puppy from counter surfing?
  2. How do I stop my puppy from biting my feet?
  3. What is resource guarding? How do I prevent my puppy from resource guarding?
  4. What is my puppies love language?
  5. How can I bond with my new puppy?

Episode 9: Puppy Fear Period and Introducing New Things

In todays episode, we discuss the fear period as well as how to introduce your puppy to new dogs, people and places!

Episode 10: Puppy Playtime and Motivations

In todays episode, we discuss what appropriate play looks like, what signs to look for when resource guarding and what really motives your puppy!

Episode 10: Puppy Playtime and Motivations

In todays episode, we discuss how to help your dog with their fear of the harness. Shannon, Emily and Teddy (The Positive Puppy Podcast Celebrity) hold a one on one Private Training Session – WATCH NOW to see how we worked through this problem and stay tuned for Part 2: Working on “stay” with Teddy!

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