Episode 1: Meet Your Podcast Host - Shannon Riley

Back Yard Pet Talk
with Shannon Riley

Shannon Riley, BA, CPDT KA, KPA CTP, Best Selling Author of The Evolution of Dog Training, International Speaker

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Episode 29: Carissa Black w/ Pets For Vets

In todays episode, we talk with Clarissa Black, founder of Pets For Vets (https://www.petsforvets.com/), about her background and WHY + HOW she started Pets For Vets.

She also tells us where you can FIND these trainers and HOW you can GET INVOLVED!

At Pets For Vets they help develop the relationships between animals and veterans based on mutual trust and respect helping veterans find pets that fit their lifestyle so both can feel seen, heard and to build the superbond between pets and people where all needs are met!

You can find their success stories here https://petsforvets.com/matches


In todays episode, we talk with Dr. Lisa Radosta, DVM, DACVB, (https://drlisaradosta.com/) about how she became a behaviorist and why she loves her career!

We also talk about the common behavior change trends since COVID-19 in 2020, seeing medication use increase for specific behaviors + why medication is important when working with a fearful dog.

Episode 27: Is Your Dog Over-Aroused? with Judy Moore From Canine Behavior Counseling, LLC

In todays episode, we talk with Judy Moore from Canine Behavior Counseling, LLC (https://caninebehaviorcounseling.com/) about arousal in dogs and how it can be genetic. She provides tips on what you can do when your dog is overly aroused, how resilience affects the ability to change or modify arousal, the differences between the different types of arousal and a dogs ability to process information as well as skills owners should teach their puppy to prevent arousal!

Episode 26: Dogwise the Most Trusted Source for Dog Training with Erika Austin

In todays episode, Shannon Riley talks with Erika Austin From Dogwise (https://www.dogwise.com/) about how this small family run business got started and how you can find the most trusted and up to date source of information for dog training.

Episode 25: How to Train A Cow with Sarah Owings

In todays episode, we talk with Sarah Owings about how she got started working with and training cows! We also discuss what she learned when training cows about herself and animals.

Episode 17: Talking with Dogs: The Animal Communicator, Liz Murdoch

Talking with dogs through animal communication

Episode 16: Treat Everyone Like A Dog By Karen London, Ph.D.

Do it in a kind, loving way that can improve the relationship with you and your dog

Episode 14: Service Dog Training Using Positive Reinforcement with Kasey Nash

What goes into service dog training and the differences between a service dog, a therapy dog or an emotional support animal

Episode 13: Dog Cast Radio with Julie Hill

Dog cast radio covers anything and everything dog related! Training advice, author interviews, expert tips, breed profiles and dog news around the world!

Episode 8: The Science Pawdcast with Jason Zackowski

The latest science happening in the human world AND the pet world

Episode 2: Separation Anxiety - Robin Douglas with Roger

Adoption, medication, behavior modification

Episode 1: Meet Your Podcast Host - Shannon Riley

Shannon Riley, BA, CPDT KA, KPA CTP, Best Selling Author of The Evolution of Dog Training, International Speaker