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Positive Puppy Kindergarten Class – Week 6 Sit-stay then call over jump Down-stay and try down from a stand Introduce puppy push-ups Drop it – review if needed Come/here while owner is out of sight Loose leash walking – weave around other puppies Practice “leave it” – leave it alley How to shape “go to bed” Tunnel & tire Novel Objects: Blanket over box That was easy buttons Desk bells Pool “noodles” Broom Homework and Tips: Practice daily for 5-10 minute sessions. Do sit-stay and down-stay at least 10 times a day (not all at once). Try to move around when puppy is in a sit stay. Play puppy pickle every day. Practice in a new place. Continue to practice loose leash walking in new places if possible. Take HIGH VALUE TREATS with you. Practice leave it and drop it every day – use kibble, treats, toys, socks (or other puppy no-no’s). PRACTICE LEAVE IT WITH THEIR FOOD OR FAVORITE TOY. Practice with high value treats. Make sure to click moment they pull back or turn their head for “leave it” or the moment their mouth begins to open for “drop it”. Take your puppy somewhere new for training – […]

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