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Positive Puppy Kindergarten Class – Week 3 Sit-stay (few steps back / end of leash if possible) with release Practice “down”, try short stay with release Come (puppy pickle off leash and come-sit) Loose leash walking and sit at cones Leave it (open hand and on ground if ready) Tunnel and table Novel Objects: Sunglasses / masks Fake dogs Person on crutches Bouncing ball Homework and Tips: Practice down-stay at least 5 times a day. (not all at once) TRY TO GET FARTHER AWAY PAST YOUR BASE TIME IN CLASS. Do sit-stay at least 10 times a day. Play puppy pickle every day – USE TREATS AND PRAISE EVERY TIME! PLAY HIDE AND SEEK. Go somewhere new to practice (on leash). When practicing loose leash walking, add distractions in your house or yard – toys, people, other pets. If it is too hard for your puppy go back to little distractions. Practice leave it every day – use kibble, treats, toys, socks (or other puppy no-no’s). Try slight or complete open palm. Practice touching your puppy from head to tail in the same order everyday including paws, earls, looking at teeth/ gums. Take your puppy somewhere new for training – […]

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