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Positive Puppy Kindergarten Class – Week 2 Sit-stay (up to 10 seconds if possible, take a step back) with release cue Introduce down (add stay if possible) Practice Name Game (if needed) Come (puppy pickle) Leave it (closed hand) Go over jump, tunnel Novel Object: Moving objects Bubble wrap Exercise ball PVC latter Xpen on the ground Practice: Practice with your puppy daily, no More than 5-10 minute sessions. Use the repetition chart to help keep track of your training. The more you practice, the faster your puppy will learn! Practice sit and down, (add sit/ down-stay if you can) at least 5 times a day (not all at once). Before meal, when playing, before being petted, and for fun. Increase your time and distance for sit/ down stay as you can. Practice down-stay at least 5 times per day. Play puppy pickle / on leash recall (come here) every day – USE TREATS AND PRAISE EVERY TIME! Practice leave it / take it every day Take your puppy somewhere new for training – the park, the beach, Petco – and work on your behaviors. DON’T FORGET YOUR TREATS! Have your puppy relax on the mat twice a day if […]

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