If you have a dog that barks and lunges at other dogs and people it can be very stressful.  After work you want to take your dog on a relaxing walk to unwind but you end up more stressed than when you started!  This is particularly perplexing for you if your dog is a sweet and loving angel at home with people and dogs that he or she loves.

I not only work with these dogs every day, I also have had dogs like this myself.  Sometimes these dogs come from shelters or rescues with these behaviors, other times the puppy you have raised from 8 weeks turns into an adult dog that seems to be out of control.  These behaviors often frustrate the people who love and care for these dogs.  People will often try to punish the behavior or ignore the behavior, but often these techniques don’t work.  If you have a dog that is reactive it is important to understand why they act the way they do.

When I work with reactive dogs I often look into 3 areas of the dog’s life.  I will ask about genetics (what were the parents like- if this information is available), socialization (was the dog socialized as a puppy) and negative experience (was the dog traumatized or did they dog experience a fearful event).

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