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Before you go to the FREE Webinar on Compassion Fatigue,
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You’ll find Truly Force Free Animal Training a great resource for
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Our canine companions cannot speak but that does not mean they cannot communicate with us. Dogs use body language to tell us if they are relaxed, stressed, afraid, or upset.

Learning objectives:

  1. Identify what canine body language signs to look for and what they mean
  2. Different training techniques and how they impact our pets

Bites can be prevented in the hospital environment when staff is trained properly in understanding body language and when they understand force free, positive techniques. Keeping our patients under threshold while in the hospital is critical and learning alternate ways to handle a fearful animal is needed to keep the staff safe.

Learning Objectives:

  1. The attendee will learn that if body language is understood, staff can prevent bites
  2. Attendees will be able to share tips with staff and others about how to help prevent bites
  3. Attendees will understand why and how some medications can help prevent bites and how they can not only help the staff but can help the patients, too.

Veterinarian Technicians, dog trainers, and people who work in the animal field commonly experience compassion fatigue. Compassion Fatigue is a real problem in the animal welfare field, and we need to be aware of it. This 1-hour webinar is designed for anyone who cares for animals! Whether you are a veterinarian, dog trainer, groomer, dog walker, or pet sitter this webinar can help.