Not all dogs want to be around kids. Early socialization is important where the dog is being exposed to kids especially during the socialization period. Kids aren’t always respectful of a dog’s face and can tend to get in a dog’s face or pull their hair or tail.

Supervision is a must! You wouldn’t put two kids together that tend to fight.

Let’s put this into a human perspective;

Let’s say a dog is enjoying a nap on their bed. All of a sudden, a child comes up to the dog and pulls on their tail. The dog moves to another room to avoid the child and to stop this from happening. The child follows the dog and continues to pull on its tail. The dog then snaps at the child to try to get them to stop. Again, the child comes back a third time and continues to pull on their tail. In frustration, the dog bites the child. The dog then gets in trouble for biting but really, they were trying to communicate with the child in three different instances and the child did not listen.

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