1. There are a variety of clickers to choose from! If your dog is sound sensitive you can check out a clicker that’s more “quiet”.
  2. If this is still too loud, you can try clicking while the clicker is in your pocket to muffle the noise
  3. ALWAYS pair the click with a high value treat or something rewards to the dog (such as a toy)
  4. Another option: Use a verbal cue such as “good” or “yes” (instead of the click) with a high value treat

Is your pet afriad of loud sounds such as fireworks, thunder etc? This weeks #trainerquicktip is in preparation to “desensitize your dog to loud sounds”. Submit your short video to info@trulyforcefree.com!

View the #trainerquicktip Desensitization to Loud Sounds here: https://vimeo.com/410212531