A muzzle punch can be distance increasing behavior saying “get away from me!” or an attention seeking behavior or a herding behavior but it can also be a potential precursor to a bite, so it is a concerning behavior.

To prevent this, you will want to PREVENT triggers, PROVIDE mental stimulation and REDIRECT unwanted behavior!


Here are a few tips;

  1. Make sure your puppy is getting enough rest. Puppies should be getting at least 18 hours of sleep per day. A tired puppy can get “cranky” and can lead to mouthing and biting behavior
  2. Provide mental stimulation toys such as a buster food cube, kibble nibble ball, licky matt or snuffle matt. You can find a list of recommended pet toys here: https://trulyforcefree.com/all-products/affiliate-products/
  3. You can toss, hide treats, or get created and have a easter egg hunt
  4. This treat will need to be something of “high value” for your dog and something they absolutely love. My dogs favorite treat is the Lamb RedBarn Food Log.

For more information, Check out Truly Force Free Animal Trainings Good Manners 1 Course