There are a million reasons why this could be happening! Your dog could be excited, scared or even just playful! Try the following;

  1. Keep a journal and log when the behaviors are happening and to identify what the triggers may be
  2. Here are some ways to manage your dog;
  3. Don’t let dog have access outside
  4. Your dog may be experiencing general anxiety (constantly in stress mode; fight, flight or freeze) and may need medication to help them overcome triggers. In this case, contact your pets veterinarian for prescription medication.
  5. Understand what your dogs body language is trying to tell you! You can check out our Truly Force Free Animal Training Understanding & Helping Your Reactive Dog Webinar or download our Truly Force Free Animal Training Canine Body Language Poster.
  6. Keep your dog busy with food toys such as a kibble nibble ball, Kong wobbler, stuffed Kong or a puzzle toy
  7. Is your dog getting enough exercise? Consider hiring a dog walker
  8. Is there a visual trigger? Block the windows with a curtain or opaque film so it make it difficult for them to see out of
  9. Is there a noise trigger? Play calming music such as “Through A Dogs Ear” or you can find a lot of free options on YouTube.
  10. Are you and your pet able to communicate properly? Teach your dog the basics so you can better understand each other with Truly Force Free Animal Training Good Manners 1 Course!