• Barking out of your window could be a sign of anxiety/ fear.
  • Your dog may be in “fight mode”.
  • Good Manners is a great course to help give you ways to communicate with your dog but it will not deal with specific behavioral issues such as anxiety, fear or aggression.
  • You can also try redirecting your dog with a high value treat.

Is it getting more intense? Try this;

  • Close the blinds
  • Put frosted tint on the window
  • Block the window
  • Keep your dog in the back room
  • You can also try to move where the mail or your packages are delivered to a location where it won’t affect your dog.
  • Play calming music throughout the day in the background.

If it continues, we recommend taking the Reactive Dog Rehabiliation program or watch the Understanding & Helping Your Reactive Dog Webinar!