Ask yourself, is this something your dog will enjoy? If the answer is, yes, keep reading! Training may differ some depending on if your dog is a puppy or from a rescue.

  1. Puppies will need to start as soon as possible! Rescue dogs may need more time especially if they are experiencing any type of behavioral issues such as fear, anxiety and/ or aggression.
  2. Get a high value treat that your dog loves (my dogs love the Lamb RedBarn).
  3. Introduce your dog to the new environments such as a park, beach, campgrounds, hiking trails and don’t forget those yummy “high value” treats!
  4. Start with short visits (30 minutes), once your dog is comfortable, you can progress to a full day.
  5. Once your dog is comfortable, stay at a local campground for one night.
  6. They may be nervous, so they may not want to eat their food. This can be common for a nervous/ fearful dog.

Also consider the following;

Where will your dog be sleeping (crate, tent, car)?

You will also want to introduce your dog to this area so they are comfortable.


Is your dog reactive?

Shannon recommends taking the Truly Force Free Animal Training Reactive Dog Rehabilitation Program


Will you be hiking while camping?

 Start NOW!


Is your dog used to being in a car?

Make sure your dog is used to being in a car for long distances as some dogs may experience car sickness.


Lastly, remember to always have compassion for both yourself and your pet. You might find Truly Force Free Animal Training Canine & Feline Pet First Aid & CPR Webinar beneficial in the case of an emergency.