(7 month old Cane Corso / Golden Retriever Mix) Our puppy is a Rescue out of LA. My dog has a hard time getting up and duckwalks. How long should I wait to get professional help?

The first thing to ponder is if this is medical. If your dog is in pain they will not perform well. We would recommend contacting your veterinarian and they may want to perform X-Rays to see exactly what might be going on and what the bones are doing. From there, depending on what the issue is, they may refer you to a Orthopedic Doctor, Canine Physical Therapist or Neurologist. Glucosamine for joints can help keep them healthy but will not help if it is a more severe medical or neurological issue. For more information, check out Truly Force Free Animal Training’s FREE Webinar “Do You Have Compassion Fatigue?” here: https://trulyforcefree.com/webinar-do-you-have-compassion-fatigue/

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(10 Mo Collie Mix) When trying to train a dog out of jumping behavior, as a trainer I know all about turning away from the dog and crossing my arms and not giving attention until the dog has 4 paws on the floor for a few seconds and then I can turn around but not right away so there’s no chaining of events (i.e.: “I jump and then I settle and then I get attention”). My question is whether or not this pup can be successfully trained to not jump if the owner doesn’t follow through on the same behavior as I’m doing? Is there something else I should be doing or advising her? She just yells at the pup to stop. The owner is both a friend and a neighbor and pet sitting client. I’m always making training suggestions (she has 3 dogs in total) but I’m not her hired trainer.

I fostered a litter of puppies which included my black Labrador, Captain, and taught them all to “sit” at 5 weeks in age. By 12 weeks in age they never jumped on people! Inconsistency in humans can slow training! Sometimes, when we yell at our dogs to “stop” this can actually reinforce the unwanted behavior because they think to themselves, “I’m getting attention!”. Dogs need to know what it is you actually want them to do. Try this! Remember consistency is key! Have treats handy at the front door. As soon as you walk into your home ask your dog to “sit”. If they perform this cue you can give them a treat. Eventually they will learn that when they “sit” they will get treats and that jumping does not. For more information, check out Truly Force Free Animal Training’s Good Manners Course here: https://trulyforcefree.com/course/truly-force-free-good-manners-course/

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We have a dog that jumps into gutter once free to roam without supervision and eats the trash even after it have enough meal. Please gives us a solution.

Think of it like this, if you were to leave an infant at home alone with crayons they will try to find a way to keep themselves entertained! They may start to pull out toys, draw on the walls, or even get into something they shouldn’t be getting into and the same goes for our dogs! They may be seeking mental stimulation and are looking for entertainment! Sometimes, a dog that eats everything in sight might have a medical condition called, PICA. If this is the case you can try to desensitize your dog to a muzzle so they can wear this throughout the day. If your dog does not have PICA you can try the following; Feed your dog with a food dispensing toy such as a Kong Wobbler, Buster Food Cube or Kibble Nibble Ball for both mental and physical stimulation. You can also provide bones or rawhides (USA MADE) for your dog to chew on. While your dog Is in a crate you can provide a Stuffed Kong. Put food toys in your dog’s outside area. Another great idea, is to make a giant ice cube filled with beef broth, peanut butter and even treats! You can [...]

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Why is punishing your dog bad?

99.99% of the time we can teach our dogs positively without using punishment! The story of the punished Pitbull; why we should not use punishment: I once was working with a Pitbull puppy who was very sweet and energetic. I taught the family force free positive reinforcement training techniques to train him but with his level of arousal they often left him in the backyard or in the den with very little contact or interaction with them. About 5 years later, they came to me because they said he was aggressive and had bit people without warning. During our session, his owners shared with me that they had hit him on the nose every time he growled or showed signs of “aggression”. While we trained together he took treats from me and did not lunge, growl or bark. Although, I was careful, he never showed any sign that he would attack. We decided to remove his pinch collar and put a harness on him. As his dad was putting the harness on him I gave him treats. When the dog heard the “snap” of the harness his eyes instantly got big and he lunged towards my face. I was able [...]

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I am thinking about getting a dog. What should I consider when looking to adopt a dog?

One of the first things a person who is considering getting a puppy or adopting a dog is to find a dog that matches your personality and needs. Ask yourself, what do you want out of the relationship? The Velcro Dog VS. The Independent Dog: If you are a couch potato you shouldn’t get a highly active dog or “Independent Dog”. If you are a highly active person, you shouldn’t get a dog that is a coach potato or “Velcro Dog”. For more information, we recommend checking out Truly Force Free Animal Training’s How Animals Learn Webinar. We encourage you to check out our #backyardpettalkpodcast with Shannon Riley-Coyner and Guest, Trish McNillan, as they discuss dog adoption here: https://media.blubrry.com/Backyard_Pet_Talk/content.blubrry.com/Backyard_Pet_Talk/_backyardpettalkpodcast_Trish_McNillan_9_22_22.mp3

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Why does my dog become aggressive when we take things away from her?

Think of it like this, if you were enjoying an ice cream cone and someone took it away you would probably not be too happy about it. Then, someone comes a second time, so you yell back (or in a dogs case growl) “hey, why are you taking my ice cream cone!”. Finally, the person comes back a third time, and knowing what has happened in the past, you may become reactive (or in a dogs case, bite). Now, if that person were to trade $20 for the ice cream cone you may react differently and see the value in the trade. For your dog, instead of always taking something away from them try trading it out for something of high value to them such as a favorite toy or high value treat. For more information, we recommend checking out Truly Force Free Animal Training’s Understanding Canine Body Language Webinar or Understanding & Helping Your Reactive Dog Webinar

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1. I have a German shepherd pup that weighs in at 55 lbs. he is a working bloodline and attacks me when he does not get what he wants, what do I do?

Your dog may be frustrated and does not understand what you want or you may be creating a pattern and unknowingly reinforcing it. Example 1: If you try having your dog “sit” for 30 seconds and they jump on you within 20 seconds they may not be ready for that long of a duration. Instead, start back at 10 seconds until they are successfully sitting for that increment of time. Once they are successful, you may slowly increase the duration by 5 seconds. Example 2: Captain is obsessed with tennis balls and won’t stop until the ball is destroyed. Before this can happen, we recommend giving your dog a cue so they know when “ball time” is done – I use “all done”. For more information, check our Truly Force Free Animal Training’s How Animals Learn Webinar or Principles of Positive Reinforcement Training Webinar

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My dog 5 month old dog is “STUBBORN” and won’t do things that I ask – how can I change this?

First, I would ask, how often are you practicing training with your dog? The truth is dogs aren’t actually “stubborn” but may be confused, scared or even overwhelmed and there could also be an underlying reason for this behavior such as fear and/ or anxiety. When training, make sure you are using a “High Value” treat so the reward is of value to them. This is something your dog loves – my dogs love Lamb Redbarn cut into small pieces. Want to know more about what a high value treat is? Check out Truly Force Free Animal Trainings What’s Your Dogs Currency Webinar here: https://trulyforcefree.com/webinar-whats-your-dogs-currency/   For more information, check out the following webinars; Truly Force Free Animal Trainings How Animals Learn Webinar here: https://trulyforcefree.com/product/webinar-how-animals-learn/   Truly Force Free Animal Trainings Understanding Canine Body Language Webinar here: https://trulyforcefree.com/product/webinar-understanding-canine-body-language/

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My dog comes to me easily at home but when we go outside he ignores me – what can I do to fix that?

This may be because your dog has their training down at home which is a low distraction environment but haven’t quite advanced to training outdoors with lots of distractions. Remember, “fast is slow, and slow is fast” and always set your dog up for success. Once your dog is has their training down at home, next try it in the backyard and once they have perfected it here, then you may move to the front yard and once they have perfected it here, move onto the park on a long leash. For more information, check out Truly Force Free Animal Trainings Good Manners Course here: https://trulyforcefree.com/course/truly-force-free-good-manners-course/

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