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Truly Force Free Dog Agility Jumping Exercises


This course provides jumping exercises that are available to anyone, anywhere! Whether you have a small or large space to practice, these exercises are fun and beneficial for any level!

What to have during training:
– Bring lots of “high value” soft, easy to eat treats for your dog (My dogs love the Lamb RedBarn Food Log cut up into tiny pieces)
– 4 to 6 foot leash (Flat collar, harness or gentle leader)
– Please DO NOT use choke chains or prong collars

Are you interested In purchasing your very own Agility equipment?
Check out Affordable Agility Equipment Here:  Affordable Agility | Truly Force Free

How to make the most of this class:

  1. Watch the videos in the order that is recommended.
  2. Complete the homework before moving to the next video segment but remember you may need to review past videos even if you move forward.
  3. Make a commitment to make time to practice!
  4. Be patient with your dog and yourself – remember this process takes time.
  5. Make sure that you journal from the beginning.  Make notes about behaviors, what has changed or stayed the same.  Journaling daily will help you monitor any progress or problems that may arise.
  6. If you need additional help, consider becoming a member of the “Coaching Level” and you can email me one question per month.

Please visit our Chewy Affiliate Page to support Truly Force Free and help us grow! These items are recommended but not required. Please always contact your pet’s veterinarian before purchasing supplements and/or medications.

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