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In the Truly Force Free Animal Trainer Academy, you will be introduced to animal training and how to become a force free positive reinforcement dog trainer. Shannon Riley discusses what goes into being a positive reinforcement animal trainer. Because dog trainers are the most common, she will focus on dogs primarily but this could apply to horses, cats and birds and other training as well.

This course will include educational webinars, video lectures and includes some training courses. Shannon encourages you to practice training with multiple dogs during this course so you can have a full understanding of what is involved in being a force free positive reinforcement animal trainer!

Academy Objectives:

  • Become knowledgeable about the differing opinions, myths, and old wives tales so you know what theory is the best for training animals
  • Teach animals in a fun and less stressful way that rewards positive behavior
  • Learn the basics of how animals learn and how to change misbehaviors
  • Learn how to Identify what canine body language signs to look for and what they mean + you’ll learn the different training techniques and how these techniques impact animals.
  • Understand what “currency” is and why currency is not a “one-size-fits-all”. You will also learn what an emotional bank account is and why it is helpful when working with animals and their owners.
  • Learn how to teach good manners! By taking The Good Manners course you will get a better understanding of how this class is taught and learn how to teach animals common basic behaviors. The behaviors that are introduced are Clicker Mechanics, Eye Contact, Sit, Recall, Down, Sit-Stay, Leave It, Down-Stay, Loose Leash Walking, Safe Greetings, Healthy Exercise, Examining Your Dog
  • Learn how to get clients and keep clients for the long haul using personalized plans by understanding people and their perspective so you can build trust. 
  • Learn how to let go of your agenda long enough to listen 
  • Learn how to adjust your training plan to fit your clients’ needs/ capabilities 
  • Learn how to use the emotional bank account for animals as well as you’re for your human client. 
  • Learn how to understand basic human physiology that may be affecting your client’s compliance 
  • Learn ways to teach clients to “crossover” from traditional training to positive reinforcement training while also being compassionate and empathetic.
  • Create a class curriculum! This can be one of the hardest parts for a trainer who has just started their career but with guidance it can be much less stressful.
  • Do you have questions after taking the Truly Force Free Animal Trainer Academy? Talk with positive reinforcement animal trainer, behavior consultant and registered veterinary technician, Shannon Riley!

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Truly Force Free Animal Trainer Academy!