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Reactive Dog Rehabilitation Program

Having a reactive dog can be frustrating, overwhelming and in some cases it can be scary! Shannon has helped thousands of reactive dogs and their people by teaching the people that this is commonly caused by fear. This program is a replica of what she does during a private one on one session. If you have a reactive dog, this course will help you understand why the behaviors are happening and how you can help without having to leave your home (which can be difficult with a dog that is reactive).

• The Reason For The Reaction
• Different types of supplements to reduce anxiety
• Understanding Your Dog’s Body Language
• How to Identify Your Dogs Triggers
• How to Prevent Your Dogs Unwanted Behavior
• Beginning Clicker Training
• + (BONUS VIDEO) How To Teach Hand Touch!

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Shannon Riley-Coyner, RVT, CPDT-KA, KPA CTP

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Welcome to TFF’s Reactive Dog Rehabilitation Program (RDRP)! This program was designed to help you help your dog become less reactive.  Often dogs will be “reactive” when they are afraid or anxious.  During this program you will learn why your dog is behaving the way they are and how you can help them.

Every dog is different, some dogs are mildly reactive, while others are extremely reactive.  With this program, the goal is to reduce your dog’s stress and anxiety in specific situations.  Some dogs may have a full recovery while others may just see a decrease in stress.  The most important thing that I hope you get from this program is more understanding of your dog.  I know that this journey will not be easy, but I hope that this program makes this journey more enjoyable!  Good luck and have fun!

How to make the most of this program:

  1. Watch the videos and webinars in the order that is recommended
  2. Complete the homework before moving to the next video segment but remember you may need to review past videos even if you move forward
  3. Access the Reactive Dog Rehabilitation support group Facebook page
  4. Make a commitment to make time to practice with your dog
  5. Be patient with your dog and yourself – remember this process is slow
  6. Make sure that you journal from the beginning.  Make notes about behaviors, what has changed or stayed the same.  Journaling daily will help you monitor any progress or problems that may arise.
  7. If you need additional help, consider becoming a member of the “Coaching Level” and you can email me one question per month

** This program is designed to help your dog overcome his/ her reactivity due to fear and anxiety. If your dog is a danger to others (has bitten a person, dog or other animal) you should work one on one with a behaviorist.  In addition, you should never put your dog into a situation where your dog could harm others.

** There is no guarantee that this program will completely rehabilitate your dog.  There are a variety of factors that go into full rehabilitation, including but not limited to the severity of the reactivity, the reason for the reactivity, underlying medical conditions and the consistency and repetition of the behavior modification.

**The amount of time it takes to rehabilitate these dogs varies. Some may improve in a few months; others may take years.  To be successful you must be patient, consistent and practice often.

Please visit our Chewy Affiliate Page to support Truly Force Free and help us grow! Under each video lesson you will find a list of suggested products. There will also be a list of all products at the end of this program. These items are recommended but not required. Please always contact your pet’s veterinarian before purchasing supplements and/or medications.

For more information, check out Shannon’s book: “The Evolution of Dog Training

Dog training is full of differing opinions, myths, and old wives tales. With so much conflicting information, how do you know what theory is the best for training your dog? The Evolution of Dog Training details how to teach your dog, one step at a time, without causing your dog pain or fear. It carefully explains how training with choke chains started and why trainers are now using clickers instead. You’ll also learn what current research and scientific studies tell us about how dogs learn, making it easier to turn your beloved pet into a well-behaved dog. Whether you have been training dogs for decades or this is your very first time, this book will help you sort through all of the opinions so you can train effectively and humanely.

Once you have completed this course, you are invited to join Truly Force Free’s Reactive Dog Rehabilitation Online Support Group on Facebook.

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The goal of this private group is to provide a fun, vibrant community of members who want to learn about Reactive Dog Rehabilitation and to provide the best force free training for their pets. This page is a place where you can discuss specific topics related to raising and training a happy, healthy pet. We wanted to create a safe, family-friendly place where you can interact, connect, and share your favorite pictures, videos, and experiences of your pet with other animal lovers. This page is a private (invite-only) group that is highly moderated by Truly Force Free Animal Training staff to keep this page safe and focused, but also entertaining and fun as well. Must have attended a private training session with Shannon or our Reactive Dog Seminar or Class to join this group.

Here’s what the group is for:

  1. SHARING YOUR SUCCESSES (or Failures). Tell the group what you’ve been doing, what is working or not, problems and issues.
    Everyone loves to hear things that are going on with your pet and training.
    Please feel free to share training concerns or problems you are currently experiencing with your pet. We want to make sure you get accurate training advice, so please let Shannon recommend training solutions.
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  5. Do NOT ABUSE any member. We do not tolerate this and any cyber bullying.
  6. Do not post anything which violates the rules and regulations of the Facebook Community.
  7. Do not post your store, things you’re selling, or soliciting donations for whatever reason. We may have something later on for this but at this point don’t do it.
  8. Anyone posting direct promotional sales material is warned once, and permanently banned the second time. A rule of thumb is simple: if your message does not contain a contribution of value and leads to any kind of commercial or paid website or blog, IT IS PROMOTIONAL! Please respect the intelligence and integrity of group members.
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