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Foundation Behavior Course

The Foundation Behavior Course is designed so you can train your dog basic behaviors from your home when it is convenient for you! In this course you will learn how to teach your dog to sit, down, stay, come, the beginning of heel and more. Shannon will teach you how to train these basic behaviors using positive, force free training techniques.


• How To Use A Clicker
• Eye Contact (Name Game)
• Sit
• Come (Puppy Pickle)
• Sit-Stay-Release (Duration)
• Down
• Puppy Pickle (Hide and Seek)
• Loose Leash Walking
• Sit-Stay-Release (Distance)
• Down-Stay-Release (Duration)
• Loose Leash Walking (With Distraction)
• Touch (Hand)
• Sit-Stay-Release (Distraction)
• Down-Stay-Release (Distance)
• Leave It
• Touch (Target)