How Do I Bring a New Dog Into a Home With Other Dogs

Introducing a New Dog Into Your Home

Personality matters most and dogs of different sizes can get along!

Start Introducing a New Dog Slowly

If both dogs are comfortable with other dogs, and exhibit relaxed body language* try the following:

(*Not sure what relaxed canine body language is? Check out Truly Force Free Animal Training’s Understanding Canine Body Language webinar!)

  1. Make sure to have a high value treat on hand!
  2. Keep all dogs on leash while introducing to each other in an open space such as a backyard. You may need more than one handler when introducing multiple dogs.
  3. Try parallel walks with 2 handlers and 2 dogs.
  4. Let the dog sniff the new area/ environment as this calms the dog.
  5. Let the dog guide you and gradually get closer. Forcing this can cause even more problems so it is important to take it slow!

Remember, slow and steady wins the race!

If one or both dogs are reactive towards each other, we recommend contacting a professional dog trainer or behavior consultant before trying this on your own.

For more information on the different theories of dog training and how to train your dog without pain or fear using positive reinforcement/ reward based methods, check out The Evolution of Dog Training, by Shannon Riley-Coyner on Amazon.