Are Dogs More Reactive Than They Used To Be?

The American Psychological Association states that millennials are the most anxious generation to date.  With this information, is it a surprise that we are seeing more anxious dogs?  In most family’s dogs are no longer just pets, they are now family members. As family members, we often include our dogs in our everyday activities.  More and more people are taking their dogs to restaurants, on trips, on planes and into stores.  We often expect our dogs to adapt to our human lives (lives that are [...]

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Teachable Moments

Behavior is always happening; therefore, our dogs are always learning.  With every action there is a positive or negative consequence.  When a positive consequence occurs, our dogs are more likely to repeat the behavior.  If a negative consequence occurs, our dogs are less likely to repeat the behavior.  Because of this, we can find many good opportunities to teach our dogs.  The problem is, as humans we often overlook the opportunities to reinforce a desired behavior, yet we are often keen to notice the undesirable [...]

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Why Pets are Not Good Holiday Presents 2

While we’ve posted this before, the message definitely bears repeating.  Before you decide to add a pet to your family over the holidays, please consider this post! Pets are a wonderful addition to our human families.  With the hustle and bustle of the holidays  in full swing and sometimes the idea of getting a loved one a pet may be considered.  People often think that giving a puppy, kitten or other furry critter at the holidays is a great way to celebrate and show their [...]

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Could It Be Medical?

If you are sick or don’t feel well does your behavior change?  I know that mine does!  I can be slower, grouchy, spacey or short tempered.  If our behavior changes when we are not well, why would it surprise us when our animal’s behavior changes when they are not well. […]

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