My Life With Sadie (My Reactive Dog)

Sadie, my reactive dog In May 1996, I went to the local animal shelter in Napa, CA just to look at dogs. I was getting married later that year and my fiancé and I wanted to get a dog together. I was looking for an “easy” lab or golden retriever. [...]

Trying to Help Your Dog Communicate by Teaching Your Dog ESL

Excerpt From The Evolution of Dog Training by Shannon Riley-Coyner One of the best ways to start helping your dog deal with fearful or stressful situations is to begin communicating by teaching them English as a second language (ESL). ESL was originally used in education as a method to help people from [...]

Focusing on the relationship

2020 was without a doubt the most difficult year that any of us have ever experienced. Now that we are in 2021, we continue to struggle but we can decide how we move forward. This is not only true with other humans but it is true with our dogs as well. We [...]


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