As humans, our voice in our head is often making judgement or labeling things. However, these judgments and labels are often inaccurate and can be misleading. For example, we may label someone who is quiet as “a snob” or “rude” when in reality the person is just really shy. Or we may label someone who sleeps a lot as lazy when we don’t realize they have a terminal disease.

People may also make similar judgments about their dogs without looking at the whole picture.

We may call a dog “aggressive” because he growls when you touch his back, but we don’t realize that he has severe back pain. Or call a dog “stubborn” because he won’t get into the car, when in reality the dog is afraid.

What have you been labeled over the years? Have you been labeled a “jock”, or a “nerd” or “mom” or a “teacher”? If you think of things you have been labeled, is that all you are? I am a mom, a wife and a dog trainer, but I am also a woman, a friend, a veterinary technician, a daughter and so much more.

We need to stop labeling ourselves and our dogs because we are so much more and these labels can only limit us. Instead of limiting our dog’s to labels, let’s just love them for all of their wonderful qualities!