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Helping Your Pets After a Disaster

As I write this, the Thomas Fire continues to invade surrounding cities.  Although it has left Ventura, we are still suffering from poor air quality.  Whether the disaster is a fire, hurricane, tornado or earthquake, it not only impacts people, it also impacts our pets.   It is important to recognize that our pets are affected by poor air or water quality and they are physiologically affected as well! […]

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Why Pets are Not Good Holiday Presents

Pets are a wonderful addition to our human families.  With the hustle and bustle of the holidays  in full swing and sometimes the idea of getting a loved one a pet may be considered.  People often think that giving a puppy, kitten or other furry critter at the holidays is a great way to celebrate and show their love for their loved ones.   Although these people have their heart in the right place, these cute gifts could end up being disastrous! (for the pet and the human). […]

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Understanding the History of Dog Training

Dogs have been companions to humans for thousands of years but we did not start officially training them until the early 1900’s.  Many consider the father of modern traditional training to be German trainer named Colonel Konrad Most.  He authored a book entitled Training Dogs a Manual in 1910.   Colonel Most had a military background.  He started training dogs while serving as Police Commissioner at the Royal Prussian Police headquarters in 1906.  He later trained military dogs in World War I and from 1919 to 1937 he was head of the Canine Research Department of the Army High Command.Access to this post requires a Gold, Silver or Bronze site membership. Click here to purchase

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Can you reinforce fear by petting your pet when they are scared?

Years ago people were told that if they comforted their pets when they were  afraid, the pets would be more likely to be afraid next time.  I remember hearing this advice and I could not comprehend why it was being used.  If I am scared I want a loved one to comfort me and it definitely does not make me more fearful in the future.  In some cases, I may be less fearful because I realize that the thing I was afraid of was not a big deal.  If you think about this intuitively you can see that it does not make sense.Access to this post requires a Gold, Silver or Bronze site membership. Click here to purchase

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Socialize Your Puppy

With all of the new puppies over the Summer, we’ve had many questions on socialization. Here’s a refresher! In the past it was considered dangerous to take a young, partially vaccinated puppy out into the world.  We now know differently!  We now know that more dogs are euthanized each year due to behavior problems than puppies who acquire parvo virus.  Many of these behavior problems could have been prevented if the dogs had been socialized as a puppy.  Puppies learn about what is scary and what is safe during the first 4 months of life.  If a puppy is not exposed to new people, places and things the puppy may later develop strong fears to these things.Access to this post requires a Gold, Silver or Bronze site membership. Click here to purchase

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What to look for in a Dog Trainer

There are no legal certifications or education requirements for dog trainers.  That means that anyone can say they are a dog trainer, even if they have not actual experience, education or training. This can make it difficult to know if you are hiring a true professional or not.  If you find yourself looking for a dog trainer but cannot decide who to choose, there are a few tips that can help you find a qualified trainer.Access to this post requires a Gold, Silver or Bronze site membership. Click here to purchase

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Consistency + Repetition = Success!

Think of a time when you were learning something new- how to ride a bike, a new language, how to read, etc. To learn effectively we need a clear, consistent teacher and we need to practice (sometimes we have to practice a lot!).  If our teacher does not have a plan or if the instructions are confusing, our learning will suffer.  If we don’t practice, our learning will be difficult.Access to this post requires a Gold, Silver or Bronze site membership. Click here to purchase

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