Shannon Coyner, RVT, CPDT-KA, KPA-CTP
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Shannon Riley-Coyner
Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Registered Veterinary Technician, and Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner

Shannon has been a pet lover all her life and a dog trainer for over 20 years. She has spent her life observing, caring for and training animals of all kinds. She has worked in the Bird Department at Marine World Africa USA, and worked as an handler and trainer for an African Serval Cat at Safari West, a private zoo in Santa Rosa, California. She has participated in behavior studies including observations of bald eagles and addax antelope through the San Francisco Zoo and Safari West.

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November 13-17, 2021

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Sunday, November 14th 2021 @ 11:30 am (PST)

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Do you have a question about clicker training, pet behavior, or what pet product is right for you? Maybe you want to know how you can better communicate with your pet. Submit your question here and Shannon will answer you on her blog. Make sure you include: The name of the pet, species of the pet, breed of the pet, how old the pet was when adopted and where the pet was adopted from. Please include a detailed description of what issue your pet is having.

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Do you have problems with pet behavior such as aggression, anxiety or fear? Maybe you want to know how you can better communicate with your pet. Shannon offers virtual private training sessions to help you with these issues and much more!

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Animals can’t speak our verbal language, but they give us tons of information using body language.  However, we humans have varying skill levels in understanding what our critter friends are saying.

Everything a dog or cat thinks and feels is spelled out clearly in how it holds its body, tail, ears, eyes and even the corners of its mouth.

So, how fluent are you in critter-speak?

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Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey to share the things you want to learn and how Shannon can help. Shannon works with reactive, fearful and anxious dogs every day. She has put together a survey to collect data that will help her better serve both the dogs and their owners. She’ll be using the information she gathers to design future classes and share additional information on her blogs and video blogs. Thank you, we appreciate your time!

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